Refund Policy

As the services to be provided are booked several months in advance, cancellation of such services are marked for a particular departure results in the Company losing money depending upon the time of cancellation to the Supplier. Therefore any cancellation of tour / services booked will attract cancellation charges as specified by the company. If we book a third party product or service on your behalf (such as accommodation, tours and activities), the Terms and Conditions and cancellation policy of such third party would be applicable in addition to the Company’s Terms and Conditions. You understand and acknowledge that these charges are a genuine pre-estimate of the damages that we will suffer on account of cancellation. You understand that these damages are called liquidated damages in legal language, which are payable without proof of actual damages. You agree not to dispute such deductions or to demand proof of actual damages.

Any cancellation of tour / services has to be in writing clearly stating the reasons for cancellation. You expressly agree to the foregoing terms.

The following cancellation charges shall apply irrespective of the reason for cancellation.

30 days before departure date:                        25% of tour cost
29-14 days before departure date:                  50% of tour cost
13-7 days before departure date:                     60% of tour cost
6-2 days before departure date:                      75% of tour cost
48 hours prior to tour departure:                   100% of tour cost

Payments will be refunded within 10 working days after cancellation, through the same mode by which payment was received i.e. if it was a bank transfer, funds will be refunded through the same mode.