Get Adventurous on Snowy Mountain

Walking on a misty morning, wrapping a fog sheet all over, you walk over the lanes just in search of the chill that inscribes- winter is here!

There are many among us who just love to hide beneath quilt or enjoy the aroma of a hot coffee during winters but some daring ones pack their bags and head to the place where they can challenge the freeze and enjoy the flakes of snow.

When we talk about winter vacation, several eye-catching and picturesque places, common and uncommon, emerge on our mindscape. But why repeat same places again and again. This time do something different to quench your thirst and discover what sets below mentioned names apart from others.

Best places to explore Snow land in India are Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Northeast. If you like to give your skiing skills a test or are a freaking skiing beginner then Auli & Solang Valley is an ultimate stopover. Manali is one of the prime location for winter sports, the appeal of Manali never fades among tourists. Its emerald meadows, crystal clear rivers and the dancing drama of snowy slopping mounts and blue sky over the horizon are just unparallel.

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Best Seasons: April To August
Popular Location:Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Northeast, Nepal, Bhutan

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